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Our advanced Near Energy® concept allows us to offer locally produced, carbon neutral energy for industry needs, both efficiently and reliably.

Good energy easily and climate neutrally

We give our customers’ competitiveness a boost with efficient renewable energy solutions. We specialise in industrial scale projects, in which we are responsible for the planning, implementation and financing of the project, with decades of experience and on a turnkey basis. We are developing our operations in cooperation with our owners – infrastructure investment specialist CapMan Infra and energy construction expert Nyab Oyj.

We offer energy solutions tailored to the individual company, with an agile approach and scalability factored in.
We reduce costs by increasing self-sufficient renewable energy production and implementing solutions that bring savings to transmission fees.
We support the carbon neutral transition and achievement of emissions reductions objectives.
We commit to long-term partnerships to ensure stable and affordable electricity production.
We take responsibility for projects being planned with quality in mind and implemented on schedule, on a turnkey basis.
Would Near Energy® suit your company’s needs?
We reduce costs
We reduce carbon footprints
We increase energy self sufficiency
We make the energy solutions of the future a reality
We plan, finance and implement projects on a turnkey basis


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