Solar power

We specialise in emissions-free, industrial-scale solar power projects complemented with energy storage, wind power and hydrogen solutions to ensure a reliable and secure energy supply in the future.

Solar energy

Solar energy on an industrial scale is a key factor in Finland achieving its climate objectives. Finland needs solar energy in order to diversify its range of renewable energy, which currently comprises wind power and hydropower.

Why solar energy?
Security of supply
Finland needs solar energy to balance out the weather fluctuations that wind power entails.
Minimisation of environmental impacts
Compared to wind power, solar power has smaller impacts on the environment and aesthetic considerations.
Efficient land use
Solar energy infrastructure can be built quickly and requires less land than wind power does. Solar energy infrastructure can be built on waste fields, so forests do not need to be felled and it does not threaten Finland’s carbon sinks.
Regional solutions
Solar energy infrastructure can also be used in Eastern Finland, for example, where widescale construction for wind power is difficult due to border control radars.
Profitable renewable energy
The sale or renting of land to a solar power company is highly lucrative and financially advantageous.
Local jobs
Solar farms attract investments and strengthen regional vitality.
A smooth permit process
Municipal land use and construction authorities generally take a favourable approach to solar power projects.


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Vikke Saarelainen
Vikke Saarelainen
Executive Vice President
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