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We can help you achieve long-term, easy and responsible profit from your land. We make use of unproductive land by building industrial scale solar farms, which can meet the energy needs of municipalities, cities and industry.

We know how to grow good energy

We work with companies big and small, as well as public landowners. Our solar energy projects help facilitate long-term profit from underutilised land. We commit to long-term partnerships to produce clean energy now and in the future.

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We are looking for suitable land ourselves and with the help of landowners. If you are interested in long-term, easy and responsible profit, contact us and let us tell you more.
We carry out a preliminary survey of the land to identify whether it is suitable for use as a solar farm. Together, we establish how the project might proceed.
Feasibility assessment
If the land seems to be suitable for use as a solar farm, we carry out a more detailed analysis of how we might start energy production.
Letter of intent
If you are still interested in long-term and easy profit and the land is suitable for use as a solar farm, we sign a letter of intent for the sale or renting of the land in order to draw up the final plans.
Land use planning and permits
We apply for the permits necessary to start construction for the project.
Land purchase or renting
The final transactions are carried out once the necessary permits have been granted.
Project planning and construction
We are responsible for the planning, implementation and financing of the project.
Once the solar farm is complete and connected to the network, we take care of its maintenance and energy production.
Ready to let good energy grow?
You own unused land (e.g. waste land, underproductive fields and their buffer zones, or peatland that is no longer used).
The area you own is located primarily within around 50 km of Finland’s south or west coast. Other areas can also be used to produce solar power.
There is no forest on the land you own.
There is a substation or main power line in the proximity of the area.
The area is big enough.
You want to achieve long-term, easy and responsible profit from your land.


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Jari Maantila
Jari Maantila
Land Acquisition Manager
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