Skarta Energy and Business Tornio plan an industrial-scale solar farm in Tornio

Skarta Energy and Business Tornio plan an industrial-scale solar farm in Tornio

Business Tornio Oy, a Tornio-based development company, and Skarta Energy Oy have signed a letter of intent on the preparation of a feasibility plan for a solar power plant in Tornio. If implemented, the investment in the approximately 100-hectare solar farm would amount to about EUR 60 million.

The industrial-scale solar farm is planned be located in a partially decommissioned borrow pit in the Kyläjoki area. The Arctio North industrial park is currently being planned next to the area. Placing large-scale industry near a solar farm will introduce significant synergies to the industrial area. The feasibility plan will include surveys to support the investment decision, identify potential partners and review the requirements of the location in more detail. Business Tornio will act as an active network builder between different operators, utilising its regional expertise and networks.

For Skarta Energy, the letter of intent plays a significant role in the growth and development of the company’s operations.

“Due to its location, Tornio has great potential for renewable energy production and the hydrogen industry, for example, and the planned site as a whole is in an excellent location. We believe that the Near Energy concept that we have developed is a very interesting solution for this particular area. The energy sector is currently undergoing a transformation in many ways, and it is important for us to be actively involved in discovering new potential,” says Vikke Saarelainen, Executive Vice President of Skarta Energy.
“Business Tornio's strategic goal is to achieve practical measures and investments that develop the vitality and the businesses of the area. The company carries out proactive investment efforts related to the industry of the future. With regard to measures and surveys, the upcoming research project related to the investment decision in cooperation with Skarta Energy is exactly the kind of step that we are always striving for in our development work,” says Marko Alamartimo, CEO of Business Tornio Oy.

If implemented, the estimated panel capacity of the solar farm covering about 100 hectares would be about 80 MWp, the investment would amount to about EUR 60 million, the farm would employ about 5 people, the construction project would employ about 100 people and the city would accrue significant tax revenue after the completion of the project. The first phase of the survey is expected to be completed by the end of 2023. More detailed plans, permits and preparatory work are expected to take about 12–18 months and the construction is expected to take about 24 months after the necessary permits are issued. According to the current estimate, energy production in Tornio could start in 2027.

Business Tornio Oy

Business Tornio Oy is a company owned by the City of Tornio and local businesses. Its mission is to develop and diversify business life, promote employment and provide tourism development services. The main focus of the operations is on business development services provided to companies at different stages of development. In addition, Business Tornio Oy actively participates in the comprehensive development of companies and the operating environment.

Skarta Energy

Skarta Energy is a Finnish developer and producer of renewable energy. The company specialises in emission-free, industrial-scale solar power projects complemented with energy storage, wind power and hydrogen solutions to ensure a reliable and secure future energy supply. The company is developing some of Finland’s largest solar power projects in, for example, disused peat bog areas in Utajärvi as well as at old mining sites in Hitura and Pyhäsalmi in North Ostrobothnia.

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Vikke Saarelainen
Vikke Saarelainen
Executive Vice President