Skarta Energy Oy’s solar farm project in Savonlinna

Skarta Energy Oy’s solar farm project in Savonlinna

Today, Skarta Energy Oy and the City of Savonlinna have signed a letter of intent whereby the city allows Skarta Energy Oy to reserve a land area of approximately 17 hectares next to the Itäväylä Business Park. The common goal of the parties is to immediately start preparations that will enable the implementation of a solar farm project with a total capacity of approximately 10 MW for the needs of the area’s industry.

The City of Savonlinna strives to ensure a sufficiently competitive supply of energy to companies in the land areas it owns and leases during the renewable energy transition. The city is actively creating preconditions in Savonlinna for the realisation of industrial business investments that utilise renewable energy. The city’s goal is to establish a new kind of “Pure Energy” industrial area, which will allow companies operating and located in the Itäväylä Business Park to take advantage of low-cost solar power. The solar energy production plants will be located in the Itäväylä Business Park area or its immediate vicinity. Based on a preliminary assessment, the project sites are suitable for the development and construction of solar power plants in accordance with the Near Energy concept developed by Skarta Energy Oy. The Near Energy® concept provides companies in the industrial area with locally produced, zero transmission fee and zero emissions electricity on a turnkey basis.

The project will improve the availability of renewable energy and affordable electricity in Savonlinna. The investment project will also strengthen the local security of supply and promote the production of sustainable energy.

“We are very pleased with the solar farm project agreement with Skarta Energy. This is an important step towards promoting the production of sustainable energy and improving the security of supply in the area. The establishment of a solar farm in the Itäväylä Business Park supports the City of Savonlinna’s goal of creating a new kind of “Pure Energy” industrial area, which will attract new investments to Savonlinna and offer clear benefits to both existing companies and investors,” says Janne Laine, Mayor of Savonlinna.

Renewable energy investments are supported by Skarta Energy’s strong expertise and experience, and the cooperation with the City of Savonlinna provides an opportunity to promote the solar farm project in the area. The project is an important step towards the production of more sustainable energy, and it contributes to the economic development of the region.

“We are excited about the cooperation with the City of Savonlinna in implementing the solar farm project. Skarta Energy is committed to developing and building renewable energy, and this project offers us a unique opportunity to promote the use of clean energy in Savonlinna. Together, we strive to strengthen the security of supply in the area and create sustainable energy solutions, as well as a strong foundation for future investments,” says Miia Viitaniemi, Key Account Manager at Skarta Energy.

Preparatory work for the implementation of the solar farm project will start immediately. The parties will continue to work closely together and commit to promoting the successful implementation of the project.

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Miia Viitaniemi
Miia Viitaniemi
Key Account Manager